A Crazy Simple App For Moving from Spotify to Apple Music … and Back again … if you want

We want to get your music onto the right service as quick as possible so we’re getting out of the way. Whether you’re moving from Spotify to AppleMusic or the other way around, moving your music is as simple as 1..2..33

Register Your Music Services

Register each music service you have to allow MusicSwitch to move your playlists from service to service.

Choose Your Playlists

Once you’ve decided which service you want to move from … pick the playlists to want to sync.

Let MusicSwitch do its magic

Hit Sync and wait for MusicSwitch to do it’s magic

v1.2 Coming Soon

( With a Discount! )

For the first month that MusicSwitch is available we’re giving anyone who likes our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages a 20% discount. Click any button below to get your discount code.

Your Music.. Your Soundtrack

Inspired by the events in your life, it’s taken years to create the soundtrack of your life. So why leave it behind when you move between music services? It’s your soundtrack so take it back.

Here’s how MusicSwitch can keep the soundtrack of your life in your hands;

  • Get access to every last track you own in every service we support (For now that’s Spotify & Apple Music but there’s more coming)
  • Pick the playlists and tracks you want to sync
  • Pick from curated playlists from all over the web provided right inside MusicSwitch. Just click and add them to your chosen music service.
  • Our unique FastMatch system ensures that your tracks sync as fast as possible every single time.
  • Move back and forth as much as you like. MusicSwitch doesn’t just move you from one music service to another, it allows you to move backwards as well. This makes is super simple to test a new service. Checking if AppleMusic can give you same service as Spotify is impossible to do manually for a large music collection, MusicSwitch makes it easy. FastMatch manages what you’re syncing to ensure that if you want to sync playlists from Spotify to Apple Music it’ll be fast, but if you want to move back, it’ll be even quicker.
  • One-time charge … all updates are free
  • Support responses within 24-hours (Current average is 1.5 hours)
  • Weekly software update schedule. If a bug is found our priority is a fast fix and rollout thanks to our frequent updates.


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