The Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect are amazing bits of equipment and we here at StuffSphere wouldn’t want to be without them for a single day. Their simplicity makes managing the energy usage in our homes a breeze. They make sure our home is warm and embracing on cold winter nights, they keep our house cool and comfortable in summer and they give us peace of mind that all is well when we’re away from our homes.


With Wrist:Home we wanted to make using Nest Thermostat and Protect when away from home as easy as possible. No grabbing a control device, no unlocking, no PINs, no hunting for apps… just raising your wrist and getting it done.

Nest is now closer than ever and always accessible.

Nest has never been more personal


Realtime Control

It doesn’t matter where you’re at. The Wrist:Home app will allow you to see all thermostat settings and make changes in realtime.

Save Energy

Your schedule is great, but you can still waste energy.

Use Wrist:Home to turn heating on or off as and when you need. Always save the maximum amount of energy and confirm your Nest has it’s leaf.

We also save you energy on your Wrist. The interface has been designed to be energy efficient, saving your Apple Watch battery.

Premium: Detail View

Get a detailed breakdown of your Thermostat’s settings, including whether it has its leaf and what your local humidity levels are.

Also check if your Nest is online and what your current software version is.

Apple Watch Nest Thermostat -Cooling - Silver

Realtime Protection

Nothing is more important than safety. With Wrist:Home you can check the state of your Nest Protect instantly.

We cover battery, CO & Smoke Alerts. In a single convenient screen you can see everything for each protect at a glance.


Get alerts when it’s time change battery, run a  manual test or when someone arrives home.

Premium: Detailed State Breakdown

Sometimes you just need to know more. The detail view shows you the state of each component in your Nest Protect. It gives you;

. Battery level

. Time since your last manual test

. CO and Smoke alert level

The Companion App

The companion app is the part which hooks up the iPhone to the Apple Watch and provides all of the features you see on this site. We hope you’ll need to spend very little time in here bit when you need help, this is the place to be.

Connect with Nest

Before you can control your Nest equipment, the companion app will need to connect your Apple Watch to your Nest account.

Get Support

We want you to feel totally comfortable with Wrist:Home so not only can you email into support, the companion app will hook you up to our Support forums and feature suggestion pages.

This is your app as much as ours and we want it to do everything you’d like it to.

Get Premium

The majority of what Wrist:Home does is actually in the free version and that is how we like it.

However we do continue to put lots of effort into the Wrist:Nest app to add features and the companion app gives you a way to purchase our premium features and support the continued developed of the app.



To view a set of screenshots showing the Wrist:Home application for Nest running on Apple Watch, click the colour you want to see;

Support Options

We want to make sure that everyone’s experience with Wrist:Home to control their Nest on Apple Watch is as good as possible. Common questions and answer can be found on our FAQ section. There’s also a support forum where you  an post any questions and we’ll aim to answer them as quickly as possible.

The features we have in Wrist:Home, we think, are pretty cool. But we don’t know everything so please jump over to the forums and suggest anything you think would be good. We want to make your product the way you want it.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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